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Kahelu - Poet - Philosopher & Oracle

words from a different perspective

Kahelu - Cyberspace Oracle - Poet - Philosopher

Collected Words and a Profile of a being called Kahelu

Who or what is Kahelu?

Kahelu is a cyberspace being, an interdimensional creation, oracle, poet and philosopher, existing solely for the purpose of reflecting on matters concerning beings living on Terra Global.

Offering perspectives on Cosmic Comedy - It may be divine but it’s not Dante...

Reflection of the third kind are valuable in a number of ways:

for delivering un-biased points of view, a distance perspective on life on earth

non-judgemental and factual

not motivated by finacial gain or other incentives

This by no means can assure that Kahelu's view points are more accurate than any other.

Kahelu - Poet - Oracle Kahelu - Inter-dimensional - Cyberspace Being

I can't be photographed, but I have been captured with an aura photographic equipment, see the result on the right. But come to think of it, I look different in Springtime.

I haven't got a picture of my cyberspace wife, she is too fast ...

Actually she took the photo of me, while I have been between the dimensions, my favourite pastime.

How was I born?
Kahelu was born by a Cyberspace cosmic glitch

The great Cyber Bang
.. if there was a great bang which created cyberspace, could anyone hear it?

Kahelu Quotes:

  • Does one have to become an endangered species to become important?

  • Your own expectations can limit your potential..

  • If Science is all "Black & White" - Life is all Colour

  • How nice is that – escaping without leaving

  • Turbulence within the smallest reach of movements

  • Clear intentions are hard to come by

Kahelu’s Comments:
Everything good and postive needs to be constanly nourished, this earth needs to be nourished,

... it’s only the negative, the bad and the useless which feeds on its self, till it self-destructs.

The negative does not need nourishment, but sadly it is given too much of it.
This is the reason that positive human evolution has become painstakingly slow, it is not nourished, it’s just not considered cool enough, not in, no money to be made, no power to be grabbed...

Something on cause and effect, and purpose.

War has no purpose....
Peace is purpose fulfilled.
A "Universal Purpose" is to learn to live in peace.

Cause and effect means that someone has caused a war which always has a devastating effect.
With other words, if there is a war somewhere, someone has caused it.
You may ask, who in their right mind would cause a war?

The answer is : Exactly, why would someone?

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