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Gold Coast Watercolour Art Classes

Learn to draw or paint in an art inspired, creative atmosphere and
air-conditioned Studio on 5 acres of Gold Coast Hinterland
serene and beautiful landscaped art sanctuary gardens.

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

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Aquarelle Art Classes - Watercolour Classes - Gold Coast Hinterland

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From beginners to advanced, Giselle will teach all Watercolour Techniques and Styles,, as well as Drawing and Acrylic Mediums.

Watercolour is an exiting medium, open to absolute every style of paintng and you will learn new and traditional watercolour painting techniques and explore your own style...

All of Giselle's art classes are based on individual programs and teaching.

You can start at anytime and proceed at your own speed, and can change mediums at anytime...

See Giselle's Art Profile: Artist - Giselle Lüske

Watercolour Art Classes:

3 1/2 hour lessons - only $40 - Only 35min. from the Gold Coast

Classes are on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9.30am to 1.00pm

  • Air conditioned Artist Studio - 5 acres of Beautiful Landscape Gardens

  • Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea at our most enjoyable rest break.

Contact Giselle by e-mail or call 0407 630 776

Studio Location:

About the Classes

Watercolour Classes can be enjoyed by everyone .... beginners - intermediate and advanced...

  • Watercolour techniques offer versatility and are easily learnt step by step, one technique at a time.

  • Watercolours are suitable for all painting styles, from loose washes to precise bold coolur applications.

  • For more information see >> Creative Art Classes

Watercolour Painting Techniques

Versatility and speed as much as precision with bold colours, watercolour has it all...

Watercolour Paintings by Giselle

Flower PowerVenice paintingCarnation PictureCanyngra Post Office PaintingBamboo Forest PaintingBondi view painting

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Video 3 - Watercolour - Wet in Wet Technique

Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - left hand side

Watercolour by Giselle - "Celebration"

Watercolour by Giselle - "Celebration"

Art work by Giselle

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