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Giselle's Art Design and Art Cut Outs are created for special applications to suit unique, FUN, die-cut, removable Stickers - Cases & Skins - Stationary - Bags - Home Decor - Exciting T-shirt Styles - Dresses - Leggings - Scarf's - Pencil Skirts - Kids Clothes & Wall Art.

All Art Designs are available for Online View or Order ... IPhone case anyone :-) click image

PS. To see all products, click on any individual design and scroll down, over 40 different products for each design to chose from, including Kids clothes like this one :-) .. more Kids & Babies' Clothes

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Cow Portrait - Painting by Giselle    Dog Art - woof - don't bite    Custom Designed I Phone Case/Skin by Giselle

Greeting Cards Galore

Volkswagen - Beetle Paiinting by Giselle

click > VW - Volkswagen

The Beetle

... shop for coffee?

Painting of a old fashion Coffee Grinder by Giselle

Click > Coffee Grinder

... framed work of Art?

Elton John Portrait by Giselle

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Temporarily not available

Beach Dog T- Shirt

Beach Dog T-Shirt by Giselle - Artist

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Beach Dog T-Shirt

Greeting Cards Galore

Engagement Card - Painting by Giselle

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Engagement Greeting Card

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Welcome by Giselle's Art Classes

Sticker anyone ?

Volkswagen - VW - Beetle Sticker by Giselle Art Studio

Beetle - VW

Pillow Designs

Art Shop - Yoga Pillow Cover


Astrology Planet Painting by Giselle

Baby Dog Art

Cute Kids Clothes

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