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Reproduction Gallery ...

... learning from the masters

Reproductions and Copies painted for teaching purposes.

Part of teaching art is to study old masters.... or any other great artist or painting for that matter.

It may not always be important to copy or reproduce the whole painting, often you simply like to aquire certain skills, certain brushstrokes or key techniques, and that's what is copied.

Paintings shown here are copies or reproduction, they are for sale, but they are not reproduced for the purpose of producing a museum quality reproduction.

Franz Marc - Blaues Pferd 1

Blue Horse - Franz Marc by Giselle

- Franz Marc by Giselle -
45 x 60cm - Acrylic on Canvas

Franz Marc - Blaues Pferd 2

Horse - Franz Marc by Giselle

- Franz Marc by Giselle -
45 x 60cm - Acrylic on Canvas

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring

by Johannes Vermeer
Reproduction by Giselle
45 x 60cm - Acrylic on Canvas


Shapes and Colours - a bit of a Mondrian

Shapes and colours - Free Style Reproduction of a well know pattern.
Not for sale

Giselle painting

Not a reproduction - it's me

Giselle, painting ...


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Elton John Portrait by Giselle

Sir Elton John


Cow Painting by Giselle

Activist Cow

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