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Learn to draw or paint in an art inspired, creative atmosphere and
air-conditioned Studio on 5 acres of Gold Coast Hinterland
serene and beautiful landscaped art sanctuary gardens.

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

About Giselle the Artist

Art Studio - Canungra - 4275 Qld. - Scenic Rim

Giselle's background and life is art in itself.
After completing Interior Design and Art studies, she worked in both private and corporate design throughout Germany. Her design skill expanded quickly into her unique and varied style of painting and has evolved ever since.

Working now in her Gold Coast Hinterland Art Studio - Gallery, she shares her creativity through her Art Classes.

Giselle "Close and Personal" ( Excerpt )

Giselle Luske has dedicated her life to creative and artistic pursuits whether it be photography, making silver jewellery, writing, interior design or her beautiful painted works which range across various mediums and subjects. From the young girl drawing figures in the sand to the experienced artist, Giselle Luske has made it her business to be as creative as a person can be. And her creativity and zest for life not only inspire her students and all who meet her, but also make for some beautiful and unique work.

"As a little girl growing up in Germany, I was intrigued by oversized faces, which I used to draw with a long stick in the sand," says Giselle, when asked about her first artistic attempts. Her parents recognised her creativity and fostered it by buying her art supplies, which included her very first set of oils paints when she was just 12. Her teenage years were spent copying the works of favourite artists like Kandinsky in a constant effort to learn different techniques.
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Giselle offers:

Creative Drawing & Painting Classes - Giselle is focusing on individual teaching within a class creative environment. Read more here: Art Classes

Original works of Art for sale - Viewing can be arranged by appointment, or on one of Giselle's Open Studio Days, as well as on her various gallery pages. -
Some of her work can be seen below.

... and ... View Giselle's Coffee Table Book

Blended For Intensive Flavour By Giselle Luske and Kahelu - Hardcover Gloss Book, 60 Pages - A collection of curiously artful paintings, skillfully intermixed with smithereens of subterranean poetry, bordering on the incredible, enhanced with quirkiness. 

Art Studio Shop

All works of art are available as:

Greeting Cards - Framed Art - Posters - Pillows - Eco Bags - T-shirts

Below are just a few examples, please click on any design, it will take you to a larger image and you will be able to select your preferred art format.

Pillow cases anyone?

Astrology Planet Painting by Giselle

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surely, you need a bag?

Eco - Home Biology Painting by Giselle

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... framed work of Art?

Cow Painting by Giselle

Click > Activist Cow

Greeting Cards Galore

Volkswagen - Beetle Paiinting by Giselle

click > VW - Volkswagen

The Beetle

... shop for coffee?

Painting of a old fashion Coffee Grinder by Giselle

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... framed work of Art?

Elton John Portrait by Giselle

Sir Elton John

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Giselle - Artist

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Giselle painting

Giselle at work

Art Shop - Yoga Pillow Cover

Giselle's Pillow Covers

Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - left hand side

Giselle's Art Studio

Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - right hand side

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