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Acrylic Painting - Behind the Mask

Original Works of Art - Painting by Giselle - $780

Title: Behind the Mask - Acrylic Painting on Canvas 60cm x 60cm

This painting is featured as a Bookcover - Unmasking Identities

Behind the Mask

Painting by Giselle

Painting selected for USA published Book cover

Book Title: Unmasking Identities:
An Exploration of the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Teachers and it is available form Amazon
by Janna Marie Jackson (Author)

Behind the Mask

Knotted deeply in a mash of living fibre
unraveling is such an effort
comfort is to be found in a tight surround
please let me be, forgotten me

Dark clouds over the horizon
The sun is always shining

Heavy burdens compressing minds
The sun is always shining

Remote controlled motions
The sun is always shining

Waking - stretching -
un-knotting - un-masking
The sun is always shining
please let me be - remember me

by Kahelu - cyberspace poet

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Painting and Book cover - the Mask - Un-masked

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