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Giselle Art Studio - Art Classes

Learn to colour in or draw, in an art inspired, creative atmosphere and
air-conditioned Studio on 5 acres of Gold Coast Hinterland
serene and beautiful landscaped art sanctuary gardens.

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

Adult Colouring "In" Classes ...

Art Classes for colouring in the adult way.

Coloured Pencil or Watercolour Pencil

... from total beginners ... colouring "in", could be your first step to learn drawing, to become an artist.

All of Giselle's art classes are based on individual programs and teaching.

You can start at anytime and proceed at your own speed, and can change mediums at anytime...

Colouring In Classes:

3 1/2 hour lessons - only $40

Classes are on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9.30am to 1.00pm

  • Air conditioned Artist Studio - 5 acres of Beautiful Landscape Gardens

  • Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea at our most enjoyable rest break.

Studio Location:

Colouring in Classes are for everyone ....

  • Colouring in, is a relaxing and meditative state, ideal for stress relieve or just to enjoy yourself.

  • Colouring in, is also a way to learn to apply colour, in different shades, tones and graduation, actually the first steps to become an artist.

  • Colouring in may take you back to your childhood, as you remember how much fun it was, now you can take back that carefree feeling, while at the same time create beautiful art works of your own designs or starting with templates.
    The sky is the limit, the artist in you is just around the corner ...

  • Giselle will teach different colouring in techniques, as well as teach about colour combining, shading, tonal work and other concepts.

Book your "Colouring In Class" Now ...

Contact Giselle by e-mail or call 0407 630 776

Colouring In:

There is more to colouring in than meets the eye. It can be very simple, similar to what a child would do with coloured pencils, or ..... maybe you would like to do it a bit more involved, by learning some colouring in techniques.

You can learn Colouring In, by bringing your selection of templates, or use some of mine. You will also learn to create your own Templates.

Examples of self created Colouring In templates ( Copyright © Giselle Luske )

First sample - Showing unfinished Template and Finished Coloured IN Drawing

Colouring In Template - Face

Colouring In Template
Blank Template
Start Colouring
Copyright © Giselle Luske

Colouring In Template - Face - coloured INFinished Drawing
Pretty Lady - Coloured IN
Click to enlarge

Copyright © Giselle Luske

Colouring In Template - Face - shades of gray

Colouring In Template
Graphite - Shades of Grey
Copyright © Giselle Luske

Concept - Lady and perfume - picture

Colouring In Template
Copyright © Giselle Luske

Concept - Wine Glasses - drawing picture

Colouring In Template
Copyright © Giselle Luske

Concept - Lady - City drawing

Colouring In Template
Copyright © Giselle Luske

Colouring In Template
Copyright © Giselle Luske

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Welcome to
Giselle's Art Classes

Welcome by Giselle's Art Classes

Pencil Drawing by Giselle

Namaste Phone Case by Giselle, Artist Canungra Gold Coast Hinterland

IPhone Case - Art Product


Reading is Fun, coloured pencil drawing by Giselle

Reading is Fun
IPhone Case - Art Product

Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - left hand side

Giselle's Art Studio

Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - right hand side

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