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Giselle's Art Classes & Open Art Studio

Learn to draw or paint in an art inspired, creative atmosphere and
air-conditioned Studio on 5 acres of Gold Coast Hinterland
serene and beautiful landscaped art sanctuary gardens.

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

... regarding Giselle's Art Classes - Art Studio - Gallery & the Art Shop

.. here are Giselle's answers to your questions ... anything else, please Contact Giselle


  1. Is your Studio Gallery Open to the public?
    Yes it is, but only by Appointment, please call or e-mail, click Contact

  2. Do you teach art to absolute beginners?
    Yes, I love teaching beginners, bring an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm and you will be surprised of how much there is to learn, and how much fun it is ... .

  3. Do you take classes at night or on the weekends?
    No, the classes are only on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, from 9.30am to 1pm - we have a coffee/tea break inbetween.
    I am a professional Artist and paint on most the remaining days.

  4. Do you teach only your own style?
    No, not as a rule, unless you like one of my paintings and would like to achieve something similar.
    I draw and paint in different styles and mediums myself, and I teach art as such, rather than one style only.
    My aim is to support you to find art and creativity in yourself and discover your own style.

  5. Do you also teach drawing?
    Yes, definitely, indeed, I encourage everyone to start with drawing, even if you come to learn watercolour or acrylic.
    Drawing will teach you to see the world with different eyes. Most techniques can be explained through drawing, the list is endless from texture to perspective, from values to negative and positive space, drawing has it all. Most students love the drawing classes and always come back for more.
    Drawings can be very impressive to show techniques and skill, and also give you the flexibility to explore creativity in it's deepest, before you transform something into colour...
    PS. I guess you noticed, I like drawing...

  6. Is it right, your classes are only $30.00 for 3 1/2 hours, and you even serve real coffee?
    Yes, it is, who told you that :-)
    ... and may I add, no extra cost involved, pay as you go, nothing up-front...

  7. Do you do Life / figure drawing classes?
    No ... Life drawing is not for beginners, learn to draw first, I can teach you all techniques required for life-drawing, such as; line and tone, perspective and composition, foreshortening, distortion and abstraction.

  8. Does the art class fee include art material?
    No, you will need bring or purchase your own material, and as we go along, I will tell you what you will need to buy .
    For convenience, I do stock some art materials for sale - for students only.

  9. Do you give discounts on your Paintings?
    Yes, I have a section of discounted paintings - please have a look at my Discount Art Gallery. Students will get generous discounts of all my paintings.

  10. Do you have an Art Shop for your Art work or Designs?
    Yes, I do have Online Art Shop Pages, all my artwork can be purchased as: prints, cards, posters, pillows, pencil skirts, T-shirts .. and more .
    Please see here: Art Studio Shop

  11. Can someone else advertise on the web-site?
    Yes, we encourage other Galleries and Artists to list on our web-site, we love to share art information, please contact me with your information.

  12. Do you have any Video's from your Art Studio or Classes?
    Yes, I have, please go to the video page, click Art Videos - it shows the Art Studio as well as some art lessons.

  13. Do you have Paintings showing from some of your Art Students?
    Yes, I have art pages set up fro individual Artists from my Art Group, please see Art Group

  14. Do you have more Information about your location; Canungra?
    Yes, go here: Canungra Local Information Menu

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