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Abstract Art ... Abstract Painting is a style of art which comes with lots of misconception.
Art Demonstration - The Necklace ... by Giselle Luske - Artist Pallette ©
Creativity - Do you want to be creative?
... lets see how we can come to terms with such an illusive term as creativity.
Creative drawing -
Drawing is an amazing positive life changing activity, and best of all, everyone can learn to draw.
Magazine Article:
Artist Palette - Giselle, Close and Personal - Giselle has dedicated her life to creative and artistic pursuits whether it be photography, making silver jewellry, writing, interior design or her beautiful painted works which range across various mediums and subjects. - Read more ...
Art Proverbs & Quotes - Sample: The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting". Vincent van Gogh.
Great Artist - History
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein - German Painter, 751-1829 - born in Hamburg
Caspar David Friedrich - German Romantic Painter, 1774-1840
Emil Nolde - German Expressionist Painter, 1867-1956
Friedensreich Hundertwasser - Austrian Painter and Architect - 1928 - 2005 -
There's no doubt, we love Hundertwasser .. read more

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