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Original Works of Art - Painting by Giselle

Title: Rainforest - Here to stay

Poetry by Kahelu
Among Friends
(Rainforest - here to stay)



Here to stay - rainforest, by Giselle


Among Friends


Among friends, calming serenity
stillness, interrupted by sounds of life


A light breeze freshens the mind
the eye becomes mellow


The perception is peace
The awareness is happiness


We may as well stay here
no need to turn around or shift the gaze


This is reality at a personal level


Among friends, tall, proud trees, protective canopy
everlasting, here to stay, growing, transforming, providing,
overwhelming bliss, in the realm of possibilities
as real as everything else.


Macro Cosmos - Micro Cosmos all in One
there is so much to learn
one stone, one leaf, one insect,
picking out minute details
all perfect, on all levels


Among friends,
the trees, the forest, the mountains, the sea,
the animals and the people
all a matter of perspective
among friends

by Kahelu
cyberspace poet

Copyright © Giselle Luske



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