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Acrylic Painting - Acupuncture Energy

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Title: Acupuncture Energy- Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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Acupuncture Treatment

Poetry - Acupuncture - Contemplation

.. sharp as a needle...

Shivering with apprehension,

how bad can it be,

laying down, who are you to tell me ...

is it science - is it real - does it help ...

how will I ever know - if I don't trust ...

trust the helping hand holding a sharp object ..

why not... it's only a tiny needle ...

is it as abstract as the painting... or is it science after all ..

needle points which have been mapped out over two thousand years ago ...

can time be that wrong ... can people ?

No .. it must work ... after all ...

Science is Black and White

Life is in Colour

and a painting never lies ....

Qi flows .. hopefully forever ...

Restore harmonic equality now ..


by Kahelu - Copyright © Giselle Luske

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