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Painting - Coffee Grinder Oracle Card

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

Coffee Grinder Oracle - Acrylic Painting 30cm x 40cm

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Oracle Card - The Chair - Painting by Giselle

"Coffee Grinder" Oracle Card - Meaning:

Destiny has brought you here ... Does this mean anything? You bet it does .. nothing is ever without meaning. Find directions for what you seek. Use your own discretion to evaluate the meaning of the oracle card as a daily, weekly or monthly representation.

Meaning Keywords: ... the "Daily Grind" - and - "Transforming".

Transform yourself from the daily grind to the result of the daily grind, ... the beautiful aroma of coffee and the association that come with it.

However the profound message is all about the "Daily Grind", and being stuck in a groove; recognising it, and transforming out of it.

The drawn out container represents the accumulated product from the transformation.

Daily Grind is the main keynote here.

On a day to day basis it may represent that you simply have to make sure, NOT to be on remote control, living your life by a set of rules, routines and behaviours, don't settle down to the daily grind kind of life.

Go by the well known rule of:

"If you do what you always do, you will get what you always get."

.. which leads to the question:

"Do you like what you always get?

If not, you will need to change something. And by changing something, you will get out of your daily grind, and can concentrate more on the second aspect of enjoying the result of the transformation and having time for a cup of coffee with your friends.

Responsibility is of vital importance here, as it is only you, who can decide that you want to change something, in this case transform yourself.

This card is urging you to use your awareness to recognise possible repeating patterns, esp, if they are of a negative or even destructive nature.

Repeating mistakes are typical for being stuck in the daily grind. Resigning into trends or situation and compromises may fall into this category as well.

Often the daily grind may just be associated to one or 2 parts of your life. The cliche would be, being stuck in a job you don't like. But it can be any number of routine type situations.

If you feel, this card is for you, take planning and active steps to "transform" out of it.

The ability to change or to transform is an action of responsibility, this is when one becomes truly alive and takes control.

Transforming may take time, it works with goals, strategies and concepts. It helps to know what you want to transform into, or which part of your life needs a transforming action.

Transforming is a positive exiting endeavour, the journey will be as exciting as the destination of the transformation, and will never end :-)

Transform now...get out of the daily grind, the reward is worth the effort ...

by Kahelu - Cyber Oracle, a contemporary Oracle

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Painting of a old fashion Coffee Grinder by Giselle

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