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Prized Possession - Acrylic by Giselle

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Prized Possession - Acrylic by Giselle

60cm x 82cm - $980.00

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Painting by Giselle

Prized Possession

Is it the feeling of holding
that sense of weight on the palm of your hand

Is it the noise of applause
that sense of overwhelming admiration

Is it the satisfaction of matter
that sense it may have a material value

or could it be an acknowledgement

a sense of wisdom
a feeling of graduation

or even

the wisdom and deep understanding

the rising up of inner self worth

having achieved something you thought
you couldn't
that brings you that step closer to yourself
that step which is so important
that step which lets you know

I am here and I love life
My Prized Possession

by Kahelu - Poetry
cyberspace poet

Copyright © Giselle Luske

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