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Painting - Engagement Oracle Card

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

Engagement Oracle Card - Acrylic Painting 40cm x 50cm

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Oracle Card - The Chair - Painting by Giselle

"Engagement" Oracle Card - Meaning:

Destiny has brought you here ... Does this mean anything? You bet it does .. nothing is ever without meaning. Find directions for what you seek. Use your own discretion to evaluate the meaning of the oracle card as a daily, weekly or monthly representation.

Meaning Keywords: Engage - communicate - don't isolate - take part - give and receive - wholeness - nourish

Engagement is the main keynote here. - We get what we give.

Give love and receive love. - Why would you want to give anything else.

Recognise that we all live in our own reality influence by our own perspective of this world, which always is different from another vantage point.

On a more personal level, it indicates a personal engagement with a partner or spouse.

The message here is to pay attention to this engagement on a deeper level.

You may be surrounded by all your worldly goods, however, the focus is always on the direct engagement to a partner.

Pay special attention :

To giving and receiving.

To voice your expectation.

To listen to a partners expectation.

To wholeheartedly communicate.

To disperse of right and wrong.

To focus what you have together.

To recognise you are stronger, more effective, more successful together than apart.

To recognise, each of you are 1 part of the whole.

Be thankful and give thanks.

Appreciate wholeness

There is no need to argue, no need to win and no need to undermine.

Remember you get what you give. - You are one half of the whole.

by Kahelu - Cyber Oracle, a contemporary Oracle

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Engagement Card - Painting by Giselle

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