Steel City - a cityscape painting by Giselle

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Steel City - Cityscape
acrylic 90 x 90cm - Acrylic Painting by Giselle

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Poetry by Kahelu
Steel City




Gallery Giselle - Acrylic Gallery Section

Artist Giselle - painting - Cityscape - Border Price Entry 2011


Steel City


Caught in Chaos - Steel City


Captured, entangled in steel and concrete

Is there a way in – is there a way out

Surrounded by towering constructions

Is the sun still shining

Light needs to penetrate darkness

Permission needs to be given

Reflections be recognised

Minds extended

To brake the bindings

To find yourself

among the chaos

to see the patterns


recognising the steel and concrete

within hearts and minds

which is different – so different

as to being captured in steel

which has been designed

to create to impress to emerge to function

to supply space where there is none

so different to minds

which are sucked in

into the vortex of the chaos

unaware of powers not yet realized

which can set you free

if you allow the darkness

to be penetrated by the light

which is always there

even while living in the shadow

of your own constructions

creating new moods of possibilities

dragging minds out of
conditioned patterns


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