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The Guitar Player - Acrylic Painting

The Guitar Player - Acrylic Painting by Giselle

Acrylic on Canvas 75cm x 100cm - framed - $1675

Painting for sale - Contact Giselle

The Guitar Man / Player

Painting by Giselle

The Guitar Player - Sounds

Gentle touch, hard surface, sweet sounds
capable of drastic contortions

extracting, forcing, coaching lingering emotions
to hang in mid air - it's not fair - why can't I.

Fingering in timeless motion, invading sounds
seeping deeper into flesh not touched before
building a nest of emotions sprouting through
ones entity, never to leave again.

Please don't stop, sweat sounds
stop teasing, play on forever
nothing else matters
what else is there

by Kahelu - cyberspace poet

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Guitar Man Art Print Products

Guitar Man - Painting by Giselle, Canungra

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Guitar Man Art

Guitar Man - Painting by Giselle, Canungra

Guitar Man Framed

Guitar Man - Painting by Giselle, Canungra

Phone Cover

Guitar Man - Painting by Giselle, Canungra

The Guitar Man Sticker

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