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Title: Counselling - Layers up on layers

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Counselling - Painting by Giselle


Layers up on Layers

Layers up on layers.. of confronting ideas

Impressions are valid ... impressions are deep

failing to smile at the appropriate situations

are we all overwhelmed by what seems real

which game are we playing ... ?

Are we here to win or to live,

here to earn a living or a loving

Layers up on layers..

confronting ideas ... deep impressions

molded into shape by passing time

who am I ..

is it for me to know ...

is it for you to tell me ...

finding value where value has been distorted

finding peace where destruction is the norm

can I trust the observer ...

which colours have the glasses looking at me ..

will there be judgment, belittling ..

can someone possibly know better ..

or is it just a matter of sorting the layers ...

or putting the horse before the cart...

Layers up on layers..

peeling back the confusion ...


by Kahelu Poet

Copyright © Giselle Luske

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