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Perspective Drawing

Perspective drawing made easy ...

Workshops are incorporated into 3 1/2 hour long art classes - only $40

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Suitable for anyone interested in art, graphic design, interior design, urban design, or enhancing drawing skills.

Knowledge of perspective is one of the most important and fundamental skills for any aspiring artist of any art modality.

Many artists find perspective too technical or even too hart to consider, and learning from books often will make it even harder.

Giselle's method of step by step explanations, coupled with practical application, will make it easy and fun to learn.

Giselle loves teaching perspective ...

... and turns those highly technical matters, and complicated terminology into a surprisingly fun experience.

If you ever wondered how to apply perspective, this workshop is for you ....

Putting things into Perspective - Fundamentals of Perspective Drawing.

Introducing or re-introducing some of the most basic concepts and techniques of perspective.

You'll gain a solid understanding of how perspective works and be equipped with everything to achieve a greater sense of realism in your drawings and paintings.

Concepts and Topics covered:

Learn about eye line, horizontal line and vanishing points, and learn perspective without the technical jargon.

Learn how to draw design concepts in perspective, as a useful tool to give a natural view of an exterior or interior space.

Learn one, two and three point perspective drawing techniques to make your drawings look like realistic three dimensional drawings.

This workshop class prepares you to enjoy the complex demands of artistic drawing, as well as interior design and urban drawing, buildings in a landscape, which may look deceptively simple, but needs a good grasp of foundational perspective as well as general drawing skills.

Knowledge of the rules of perspective is one of the most important skills, it will allow you to check the correctness of your composition and assess the accuracy of shapes and sizes, distances and angles.

The principles of perspective are neither boring nor complicated, but refreshingly fun once the basic concept has become second nature. Learning about it is entertaining and rewarding. It is a most valuable skill for every artist to have, in fact it is hard to be without that knowledge.

You can book a class at anytime, individual teaching within a class environment.

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