Portrait of Barack Obama -  President of the USA by Giselle

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Barack Obama - the colour purple - Portrait by Giselle

canvas - 46cm x 61cm : Acrylic : $780.00 :: to buy - please contact

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Picture of Barack Obama - Portrait




Picture of Obama - USA President



Poetry / thoughts by Kahelu

Peace Activation


You can't fight for peace - that would be war.

You can't fight against war - that would be war.


Do not be against war - BE FOR PEACE

Do not be against, always be FOR something.

Whatever you concentrate your energy on,
that part will grow.

Being against war, just makes it bigger.

Being for peace, makes peace bigger.


Peace starts with you, please be peaceful

Create Peace within yourself first.

Create Peace in your community
Create Peace in your country

Create Peace with your neighbours

everyone is your neighbour !


It takes more Courage to declare Peace
than it is to declare War

If the World unites in Peace, there would be no war.


Have we evolved as human beings or as techno-beings?

Are we barbarians with technology ?

What stops us from being peaceful.

War has out-lived it's purpose



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