Portrait of an Activist Cow - Save Me -  painting by Giselle

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Save Me - Activist Cow - Portrait - Acrylic by Giselle

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Activist Cow - Portrait - Save Me



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Artist Giselle - painting of an activist cow


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Please protect me - buy me and bring me to a safe place


Let me live with you, I am no trouble at all, I will moo very softly.


Look deep into my eyes - you are going to sleep - deep down, and as my moo continues you will go deeper and deeper into a sleep like state,

and when you wake up you will be a vegetarian.

A message from the artist:

I am proud to be associated with the Activist Cow, it was an honour to paint her portrait.

I wish her all the best in her endeavour and a long and happy life.

Yours faithfully, Giselle


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Activist Cow Portrait


Titled : Save Me


Eat more Vegetables


Don't kill me, I am cute


Adopt Me


I am happy that you like to save the whales, but what about me?

I can swim, if I have to.


I am cuddly and make a nice pet.


Who gives you the right to kill me.


Holy cow.


Don't eat me, I am not as tender as you think.


Don't you know the saying;

"don't cut off the hand which feeds you"?

I am feeding you, don't kill me, and that counts for my husband too.


My milk is yummy !


I am a member of the Animal Rights Foundation, don't I have any rights?


I am innocent, I don't want to die.

... and by the way, I love my husband, he is more than just beef.... he is mine, don't touch him, or no more milk from me.

.. and here is my final word,

"Moooooo - Moooooooooooo "


Activist Cow - framed

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