Canungra History - Centenary Celebrations - October 1979

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Photographic Journey







Canungra's Centenary Procession

A collection of more than 100 pictures

Photography by Giselle and Dieter - Copyright 1978 - 2008


Canungra's Centenary Celebrations - October 1979

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Vintage Bike
Vintage Bike Rider and Nurse
getting ready for the procession


Ladies in side sattle
Horse and Buggy


Senior Citizens in Heritage Costumes
Girl in Heritage Costume
Canungra's School Kids


Horse and Buggy
Ned Kelly in Canungra ?
Horse and Buggy



Canungra Town Ship Procession
Canungra Town Ship Procession


Canungra Town Ship Procession
O'Reillys Guest House Float
Canungra Town Ship Procession





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