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Dave Carney's Art Page

I have been painting for some time using acrylics and hope to continue for the rest of my life.

For me the subject matter has to tell a story to make it interesting for me. I like using colour wherever I can and like to get a brightness to it even if the subject is a black and white.

About the paintings.

  1. The Austin grill is laying in my driveway covered in weeds but looked too good to pass up. I experimented a lot with painting the leaves and learned several different techniques there.

  2. Eric Heismans is a portrait of my friend Jim sitting in his 1960 Chevrolet 2 door. I had to give him an unusual destination as we often speak of his one way ticket to oblivion!

  3. The Golden One is an ideal picture from my mind of my 1956 Cadillac parked in front of El Dorado picture theatre in 1960. If you look closely there are several clues to this.

  4. Henrys family 35 Dodge I did for a friend of mine Henry who is based in San Fransisco. The photo was taken in the late sixties and includes Henry and his brother and cousins. This has been my favourite one to paint so far.

  5. Lily is a black and white portrait of Yvonne de Carlo playing Lily Munster from the tv show "the Munsters" that ran for two years during the sixties

  6. The Outlaw is a very interesting piece that ive done on Masonite. Its from a late 60's picture that I just couldnt resist because of its pure character and freedom

  7. July 28 is one I recently completed for some local friends of mine - Kerry and Shelley. They asked me to do something incorporating their vehicles and this is the result. I was a bit cheeky doing a bit of a parody of the "Nighthawks" picture by Hopper, but it seemed to fit in well!

    Thank you for viewing ..

The Austin Grill - Acrylic  Painting by Dave

Eric Heismans - Portrait of Jim  Painting by Dave
The Golden One  Painting by Dave

The Golden One

Painting by Dave - 20" x 16" Canvas


Henrys family 35 Dodge

Henrys family 35 Dodge

Painting by Dave - 31 1/2" x 15 3/4" Canvas

July 28

Painting by Dave - 20" x 16" Canvas



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