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Mike Vitobello's Art Page

Mike was born in South Australia and grew up on the Yorke Peninsula in a small seaside township. Mike developed an interest in art during his early school years and has nurtured a passion for nature, in particular, marine life during his childhood.

Mike drifted away from art over the years but his interest was rekindled and has attended classes at Gallery Giselle since 2005.

Mike prefers to paint with acrylics and often uses paint mediums to enhance and define certain details in his works.

His themes are influenced predominately by nature and Mike likes to express expansiveness and movement on the canvas.

Mike has exhibited his work at the gallery of the Royal Queensland Society of Art and at the Gold Coast show.

Out there - Acrylic

DNA Rainbow - Acrylic

Georgies Comets - Acrylic



Spaceballs - Acrylic

Plug me in - Acrylic

In the Swim - Acrylic



Pathways - Acrylic
DB - Acrylic


Mike - 4 paintings

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