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Art Discovery Tour - Art Travel - Germany-


"A Photographic Journey - Germany Art Tour"

depicted by Giselle's and Dieter's Photography
Painting and art discovery tour - painting scenery - architecture - visiting art communities -
art galleries and more....


Historic sites, spectacular landscapes, bustling cities and markets, vineyards and wineries - castles and churches, exciting architecture, almost everywhere you look in Germany there's something special to see or do. 

Rhine Valley - ( Der Rhein )

Kamp Bornhofen

The Rhine by Boat

Ruedesheim - Rüdesheim

Koblenz -
Altstadt - Deutsche Eck

Trier to Heidelberg

Black Forest / Schwarzwald
Freudenstadt - Schiltach - Triberg

Bavarian Alps -
Oberstaufen - Oberstdorf -
Fuessen - Neuschwanstein -

Oberammergau -

Augsburg - Roth -
Edelsfeld (Gasthof)

Bayreuth - and travelling
over Saalfeld to Bad Berka


First step on our Germany Art Tour ::


Frankfurt to Kamp Bornhofen: ( may be good idea to drive on the right side of the road :-)

Arriving at 6.30am - hiring a car - VW - Golf and driving towards the famous Rhine Valley -
an UNESCO World Heritage Area.. we are impressed, esp. after our first cup of coffee and homemade "Appelstrudel."


We had decided before to stop and stay the night at Kamp Bornhofen at Landhaus Sonnenhang. (have to find out about the connection between this one and the Australian Kamp Bornhofen, at the Gold Coast Hinterland in the Numimba Valley).


From our Guesthouse we hiked up a resonable steep mountain to
"The Feindlichen Bruder", 2 "Burgen" - Castles called; Sterrenberg and Liebenstein.

For romantic type of paintings - the Rhine ( Rhein ) Valley is the place to go...


Landhaus Sonnenhang
Kamp Bornhoffen

Special Services:
Reiki and Beauty Massage
Kamp Bornhoffen
Wahlfahrts Ort
Pilgrimage Village
Church to the right
Kamp Bornhoffen
Road to the
"The Feindlichen Bruder",
2 Castles;
Sterrenberg and Liebenstein.

Steep Roads with picturesque buildings on both sides are the perfect way to brush up on your
perspective drawing skills....

Kamp Bornhoffen
Garten Hotel - Garden Hotel
Kamp Bornhoffen
Wahlfahrts Ort

Kamp Bornhoffen
Pilgrimage Village


Kamp Bornhoffen
Wahlfahrts Ort
Pilgrimage Village
Church Door
Kamp Bornhoffen
One of the Castles
"The Feindlichen Bruder",

Kamp Bornhoffen
View over the Rhine from the Castle Sterrenberg.

* good spot for painting


Kamp Bornhoffen

At the Castle Sterrenberg,

enjoying the view and

Kamp Bornhoffen
Local Wall Art

Local Info

Verkehrsamt Kamp-Bornhoffen
( Traffic and Tourist Info )
Phone: 06773 9373

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