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The Romantic Rhein


Along the Rhein to Bacherach... PAGE 1 - and - PAGE 2



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Kunstkeller - German word for
Art Celler
Another street to the town wall

One minute after the rain ...


Bacharach Church
Kirchen Orgel
Bacharach Bach
Church in Bacharach
Church from the inside
a beautiful Organ - Kirchen Orgel

All in walking distance - how romantic is this ... great painting


Stairways to heaven
old Church Ruins
Youth Hostel - Bacharach
Stairways to heaven - or to the Youth Hostel - an old Castle
Old Church Ruins and Sculptures on the way to the Youth Hostel

Belive it or not, this is a Youth Hostel - overlooking Bacharach


Youth Hostel
View from the Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel Entry
DJH - Jugendburg
Youth Hostel - through the Castle entry - to the Courstyard

View from the Youth Hostel
Bacharach's Vineyard


the Rhein Valley
More views - overlooking Bacharach
View overlooking Bacharach and the Rhein Valley

Last overview - I promise...
Church on the left hand side


Tourist in Bacharach
Ice Cafe Milano - left side
Bacharach - Cafe's every where

Bye, bye Bacharach, we better move on, too much cake & coffee


One of the many
Rhein Tour Boats (KD)
Sculpture of HL. GOAR,
founder of the City Goar



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