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- Art Travel - Germany - Bacharach

The Romantic Rhein


Along the Rhein to Bacherach... PAGE 1 - and - PAGE 2


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Rhine Wine everywhere -
both sides of the Rhein
I love these towers ...
City tower before Bacharach



Bacharach has still the original wall surrounding the city - these walk ways a parts off it.
Small passages leading from the wall into the city.

Passage way


Passage way
Towards the Town Centre

Bakery with "Bretzel"


Typical House structure of many old building in Germany - some dating back as far as the 1300 .
There a beautiful to draw.
Beautifull shops line the small Streets of Bacharach.
This is a woodburn art print shop

Old window shutters


Bacharach sketch
Old door
Church ruins
Sketching is easy anywhere, just park yourself in a nice outdoor cafe and start sketching.
A beautiful and very old door

Cafe setting with old church ruins in the background


House overgrown with wine
Bacharach Centre
Most houses around Bacharach are partly overgrown with wine.
Bacharach Centre - left side

Bacharach Centre - right side



Small Street back to the town wall
Cafe am Markt - last to the left

Vineyard at the back
of Bacharach




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