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- Wendland - Salzwedel - Clenze - Salderatzen

...... The Lüchow-Dannenberg district in the far north-east of Lower Saxony, a region also known as the Wendland. It includes towns such as : Salzwedel - and tiny Village called Clenze, where we are going..and ...
Gorleben... which is known as the site of a controversial radioactive waste disposal facility, currently used as an intermediate storage facility but planned to serve as a future deep final repository for waste from nuclear reactors. It has attracted frequent protests from environmentalists since the 1970s ...
... where we don't go ..


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not sure where this was ..

anyone ?

or this ?


can't remember this one either :-)

same thing


same town

same town

This is a Historic Building in Clenze -



inside view :-)

Herrenhaus Salderatzen
where we spend the night ..


... we had the pleasure to spend
a night in the
" Diana" room

"Princess Diana - Room "

"Princess Diana - Room "


"Princess Diana - Room "

"Princess Diana - Room "

Entertainment Room



was Andy Warhol in Salderatzen ?


Still the Herrenhaus - the second part

.. with more rooms


Eisbaer Room

Angel Room - not sure

Gillette - Nostalgia



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