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 - This page is dedicated to Americas finned cars of the fifties and early sixties.



Classic Car Culture


The 1950s was Detroit's Golden Age.

The cars produced during those years dramatically changed the way automobiles looked. Cars in the fifties were ornately trimmed with chrome that made bumpers, fenders and hood ornaments sparkle in the sun. Inside the car, chrome window knobs, door handles and dashboards gleamed as well.


Another symbol of the cars of the 1950s was the tail fin. These fins did not make cars go faster, nor did they improve the car's performance in any way, but they were unique and so elaborate that they created stylistic parallels throughout the auto industry.


The interiors of the cars were just as impressive as the exteriors. Cigarette lighters, tinted glass, map lights, armrests and air conditioning all became available options. 


Wide, soft seats provided comfort for the whole family. While comfortable and cool, drivers could also listen to the latest sounds on the radios that were installed in nine out of ten cars. Women even found removable cosmetic cases built into the armrests of cars.


Restoring and driving these cars has become a lifestyle - classic car culture.



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Volkswagen Beetle - VW - Picture painted by Giselle


Volkswagen Beetle - Acrylic Painting

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