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Along the Moselle Valley ... from Koblenz to Trier


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Moselle - here we come, the Moselle on the right, and like on the Rhein, you can travel on both sides, but the Mosel has more bridges.
Kobern - Gandorf - a small Village with wine and castle ruins..
very picturesque - another sketch

Here it is, sketching Kobern on the other side of the Moselle.

...bit windy today....


Cafe and Konditorei

A beautiful " Fachwerk Haus "
Cafe and Konditorei

click here or picture to enlarge

... and inside > that's what I call cake, no wonder I am addicted.

The original pre-war owners family of the Konditorei are visiting too.


It's much slower to travel by boat on the Moselle, than on the Rhein, because of the many "Locks".
No, not a Model Train Set,
this is the real thing...

Alkener Burgberg
Castle ruins and vineyards


Moselle Village
Moselle Village
Moselle Village
One cute Moselle Village after the other.
.. and another one

and one more ...


Wayside Chappel
Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz
Wayside Chappel
Burg Eltz - Moselle Valley
Tall, tarriffic, strange and dark, a Medievel Castle, owned by the same family for almost 1000 years, and has never been destroyed.


Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz - the sign reads; Eintrittskarten - Tickets -
knights didn't had it that easy ...
Inside the castle - a court yard

my new summer residence ..


Bridge over the Mosel
with Village
Mosel Village - Cochem

Cochem - Town Centre




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