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My love of art originated through an involvement with Folk Art in country New South Wales.

I expanded to work with canvas in 2003.

I gain spiritual fulfillment seeing a canvas ‘come to life’ through the use of colour and expression of my creative self.

The accomplishment of creation and the sensation of ‘losing myself’ with paint brush in hand, is extremely rewarding.

No 1: Harry Kewell 30cmx25cm

My Harry Kewell portrait was created during the 2010 Soccer World Cup competition.
Observations indicated ‘Harry’ to be a fun loving character. I believe I have captured this in my impression of him.


No 2: Jacob, Bella and Edward [The Twilight Saga –‘Eclipse’] 76cmx60cm

The intensity of Jacob, Bella and Edward in their contemporary film series was a significant challenge.

This portrait gave me the opportunity to experiment with different types of blending.


It is my desire to continue with portraits, I have a true passion for them.

No 3: Pelican at Byron Bay Beach 76cmx50cm
The original photo was taken in early morning light, capturing pelican and seagull by the sea.
Fine brush strokes across the canvas were employed to achieve this peaceful sanctuary.
All who have appreciated this painting have reflected on enjoying a moments recreation, almost as if they were at the setting itself. I have enjoyed this level of appreciation of my work.

No 4: The Island 150cmx60cm

This piece was developed though layering; the background, through the use of a damp rag, and the foreground (the island and trees) through the use of brushes. Inspiration was gained from a picture of an area near Mexico City.
Undertaking this painting was both a challenge and an opportunity to expand. This is one of the greatest joys of painting.

No 5: Misty Morning 60cmx40cm
Misty Morning is a personal favourite. It is one of my earliest pieces.
It was chosen as a subject because of it’s calming and mystical qualities.

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Harry Kewell Portrait
acob, Bella and Edward - portraits

Harry Kewell


Jacob, Bella and Edward

[The Twilight Saga –‘Eclipse’] 76cmx60cm



Pelican at Byron Bay Beach

Misty Morning

Misty Morning





The Island - Painting

The Island

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