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Sofie Formica discovers her creative side, and you can too, with a little help from the experts ...

Reveal the artist in you

Artist Giselle Luske coaches Art


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My lovely colleague on The Great South East, Laurel Edwards, has earned the in-house nickname of ‘Craft Queen’. She usually tackles the stories requiring creative aptitude
– cleverly turning her hand to everything from glass bead making to home-made lingerie.

I confess that the right side of my brain is not as easily engaged as Laurel’s but I have
had my moments of creative inspiration and one of the most memorable was in the
company of a delightful lady by the name of Giselle Luske.


German-born Giselle is a vivacious brunette teaching art classes at her home studio near Canungra. Art engaged her from an early age – Giselle still treasures the first box of oil paints given to her when she was 12 years old.

After studying in Europe in the 1960s, she resettled in Australia – finding a piece of paradise in the Gold Coast hinterland where she set up a gallery and studio.

Fronting up to Giselle’s creative drawing class, I felt compelled to confess that art has never been my strong suit. But Giselle fervently believes the creative spark can be ignited in anyone.

“Every person who can write their name can draw,” she claims. “And even those whocan’t write their name can still draw!”

Giselle’s confidence in her ability to coax out hidden talent is backed by some intriguing
methods. Drawing with your eyes closed is one of them and, before you scoff, I have
to say the results were surprising. Instead of a messy scribble on the paper, my ‘still life’
charcoal sketch of four glass bottles turned out to be a pleasing abstract – certainly no
Picasso, but pretty satisfying nonetheless.

What may have helped was the specially composed, inspirational music that provides a
soothing soundtrack to Giselle’s classes.

“The music triggers alpha brain waves. It’s very powerful – if you listen to it for an hour,
you are totally in the zone,” she says.

Giselle encourages everyone to get into the‘zone’ of creative expression at some stage of
their life. And it’s never too late to make the journey.


Giselle Luske’s Creative Art Classes are $25 for a 3 ½ hour session.

See or call 0407 630 776.


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As seen on Channel 7 - The Great South East

Giselle introducing and using
Alpha Music for her Art classes


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