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How to profile and market yourself and your works of art,

and how to find an exhibition space or artist to collaborate with.


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  Artist Marketing Advice :


Are artists still "discovered" and become famous overnight ... sure, it may happen, but do you want to wait for that?


Art Business and Art Marketing have changed considerably over the years.


The Internet certainly has been a big part of that change.


But, you may ask, can one sell art on the Internet ...?


Yes, to a certain degree, but you would need to be very well known already ... and as with everything, there are the occasional exceptions to that rule .. and someone actually sells a painting online.


Anyhow, selling online, may not even be the main part of the Internet art marketing story.


For most Artists, the Internet is all about profiling themselves ...


I am sure you know all about establishing your basic credentials and you do have a well written CV (curriculum vitae), some paintings, and maybe some other credentials to your artistic name.


Now, what do you do with it, going to a main stream gallery and asking for an exhibition?

That could work, if you really impress the Gallery owner, unfortunately more than likely, the Art Gallery is booked out for the next 12 month, and you may not even have the required amount of work ready for a solo exhibition.


Ask yourself the question: "is a Gallery owner going to spend money on you?"

An opening night with invitations send out and champaign flowing.... someone has to pay for it.


However, as noted before, much has changed.. many art spaces and galleries these days can be hired for a agreed set time.


This is were self-marketing becomes interesting, and here are the logical steps to follow .. included with explanation of why it can long as you put the work into it.

Artist - Self Marketing Strategy:

  1. Quickly invest in a web-site, make sure you can up-date it yourself., and don't get a free one .. it just doesn't look the part, it conveys the message that you are not serious about your endeavour.

    Explanation: Why a web-site? It shows you are serious, and has all relevant info provided to viewers, maybe future buyers and followers - galleries owners and other artists for possible collaboration.

  2. Get your web-site listed on some Art Directories, and if you are mainly interested in your local market .. your city, make sure your web-site can be found locally.

  3. Having a web-site, will make it now much more effective to market yourself within the "Social Networks", like Twitter - Facebook, etc.

  4. If you have the money, and the confidence in your own work, simply hire an art Gallery and stage your own exhibition.

    Why? I guess you know that anyhow, but the basic reason; an exhibition is an important part of your artistic profile, it will get your name out, and you may sell some of your paintings. Further more, you may have now a Gallery which represents you, which further helps your marketing efforts.

    Not having a lot of money? ... read on
    .. you are looking for a group exhibition

  5. Collaborations - It can be fun, as well as motivating and cost-effective to work together with other artists. On your web-site, have one page about seeking collaboration with other artist.

    Other artists who may look for joining a group exhibition may contact you, esp., if you show you are looking for collaboration with other artist regarding group exhibitions.

  6. Find other Artist... how ? By looking at artist directories, and other Internet art communities, facebook can be very handy for finding artists in your area, plus hang out where artist hang out ... try the art colleges too.

  7. Stage a group exhibition, find a rental art gallery, which hires out an art space for up to 4 weeks.

    Long terms like 4 weeks usually are more cost-effective. The idea is to have one or more opening nights, create a bit of hype, get press-releases going, and announce it on community radio, all these are usually free, have some flyers - cards or posters done .. and invite anyone you know.

    Announce it on our web-site - twitter - blog's - facebook - you name it - get it out there.

    The next step,
    never leave the Gallery un-attended, that is part of the good thing about an art group collaboration. Someone needs to be always in the Gallery, selling the art, even if it is not your own, yes..
    do it.. it's good Karma :-) .

    Nothing can sell art better than an Artist selling their own or a fellow artist paintings.

    A visitor to the Gallery likes to meet an artist, make sure you give them that opportunity.


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