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Giselle's Art Studio and Art Classes

Learn to draw or paint in an art inspired, creative atmosphere and
air-conditioned Studio on 5 acres of Gold Coast Hinterland
serene and beautiful landscaped art sanctuary gardens.

Celebrating 25 years of Personalised Creative Art Classes

Giselle's Art Studio Profile

Giselle's Art Studio is situated 4 km out of Canungra on the Beechmont Road - Gold Coast Hinterland - Scenic Rim, former Beaudesert Shire - Queensland - Australia.

The Studio is Open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Art Classes, as well as by appointments and on dedicated "Open Studio Days".

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Giselle's Art Studio offers:

Creative Drawing & Painting Classes - Giselle is focusing on individual teaching within a class creative environment. You will learn and develop at your own pace, and discover the Artist with in you. Read more here: Art Classes

The Art Studio is a "working studio"; we create, paint, give classes, workshops, hold exhibitions and open studio days.

Art Business is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, clients are invited or referred, and treated as guests. Group art exhibitions are held by invitation only. Solo exhibitions maybe offered to selected artists.

Art Studio Shop

All works of art are available in a variety of formats, such as:

Greeting Cards - Framed Art - Posters - Pillows - Eco Bags - T-shirts - Pencil Skirts

... and ...

View Giselle's Coffee Table Book

Blended For Intensive Flavour By Giselle Luske and Kahelu - Hardcover Gloss Book, 60 Pages - A collection of curiously artful paintings, skillfully intermixed with smithereens of subterranean poetry, bordering on the incredible, enhanced with quirkiness. 

Art Shop Samples:

Pillow cases anyone?

Astrology Planet Painting by Giselle

Click > Astrology Pillow

surely, you need a bag?

Eco - Home Biology Painting by Giselle

Click > Eco Bags

... framed work of Art?

Cow Painting by Giselle

Click > Activist Cow

Greeting Cards Galore

Volkswagen - Beetle Paiinting by Giselle

click > VW - Volkswagen

The Beetle

... shop for coffee?

Painting of a old fashion Coffee Grinder by Giselle

Click > Coffee Grinder

... framed work of Art?

Elton John Portrait by Giselle

Sir Elton John

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Welcome to
Giselle's Art Studio

Welcome by Giselle's Art Classes

Art Shop - Yoga Pillow Cover


Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - left hand side

Giselle's Art Studio

Giselle Art Studio view

Studio view - right hand side

Art Studio - Gallery History & Philosophy

"A Journey from there to here" - introduction

The Art Studio/Gallery has existed in many different forms, locations and names, all starting out from an idea and creative lifestyle concept in the 70th. Some of the past gallery names: Contrast Gallery - Concept Art Gallery - Studio 11 - Living Art Gallery and finally, simply >> Art Studio & Gallery Giselle

Giselle's and Dieter's background combine art, photography, silver jewellery, writing, traveling, interior design, lecturing, dropping out - now called sea-change or tree change, self-actualisation, natural holistic health, peace, science fiction, and living a lifestyle which represents art in itself.

Our philosophy works in lines of: self-actualisation, creating our own lifestyle and the creative process as flow of life. This is why we enjoy the arts, the creation of art and the sharing of art. The Art Studio is part of that creation and selling or showing our works of art is a process of sharing part of us.

Let the journey begin - tune your mind back to 1974, or to be precise, the first day of Christmas, 25.12.1973, the day when the Universe once again was witnessing, or decided to re-unite two souls, destined to travel yet another distance together, through time and space, picking up where they left off, evolving in a spiraling fashion into yet another earthbound adventure.

Life is beautiful - "A Journey from there to here" - Photography and Life in Action - merging of souls and the birth of something formerly known as couple, narrated by Kahelu & Gul - inter-dimensional - cyberspace beings.

Continue to the Photographic Menu "A Photographic Journey from there to here" go ... sneak a look, you know you want to...

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