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Welcome to Giselle's Discount Art Gallery Page



Acrylic paintings on Board or Canvas - "un-framed"

Winsor Newton Canvas Board - or - Fresco Artist Panels

First come - first served


studio gallery - open by appointment only

Gold Coast Hinterland - Canungra - Scenic Rim - Queensland - Australia


paintings for sale - original works of art by Giselle

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click painting or text to enlarge picture and more details - Copyright © Giselle Luske



All other Paintings are available to buy as;

Greeting Cards - Framed Art - Posters Pillows - Eco Bags - T-shirts

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500 x 600mm - Acrylic

Open Day Discounted Paintings


450 x 600mm - Acrylic

Farmers Hut - $260 - SOLD


Mountain Range Painting

 Mountain Range - Acrylic by Giselle

Mountain Range - Painting by Giselle

500 x 400mm - Acrylic

Mountain Range 1 - $SOLD

500 x 400mm - Acrylic

Mountain Range 2 - $SOLD

610mm x 457mm - Acrylic

Mountain Range 4 - $SOLD


Abstract Mountain Range painting

Mountain Range 5

Mountain Range 3

500 x 400mm - Acrylic

Abstract Mountain 1- $SOLD

500 x 400mm - Acrylic

Mountain Range 5 - $SOLD

500 x 400mm - Acrylic

Mountain Range 3 - $SOLD


Manolo Blahnik Painting

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Giselle painting

400 x 300mm - Acrylic on Canvas

Manolo Blahnik - Shoes - $SOLD

Giselle at her Studio / Gallery

Discount Gallery - new paintings added at all times

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