photographic journey - Sydney - photos - 1974 - 1975

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"A Photographic Journey from there to here"

depicted by Giselle's and Dieter's Photography

and narrated by Kahelu & Gul - inter-dimensional - cyberspace beings - (who ?)


HH - Hamburger Wappen




Departing in Hamburg - Arriving in Sydney

City of Sydney




    Sydney - Photos - 1974




Quantas Jumbo Jet

Bondi on hte Horizon

Lawn Bowling - Rosebay


Quanta's on stop over -

that's the one which brought

us to Sydney.

From Sydney airport - taxi to Bondi - Rosebay - -
what a view, a "red sea" of roofs,
and Bondi on the end of it.

Some of our first impressions.
What are those "nurses" playing?

We had no idea what all these white dressed people were doing.


Bondi - Sandridge Street -  Building


Bondi - 1974 - 75

Royal Mail -Sydney



Bondi - 1974 - 75

That's where we lived in 1974,
top floor, balcony with red -towel.

Sandridge Street

Coming from Hamburg, this old
mail box looked interesting to us.

Yes, that's Bondi in 1974

Bondi Beach Swing


Karate Trainings Camp
Karate Training

J.T - Marshal Art Black Belt

Martial Arts Training Camp
3 days after our arrival in Sydney
The boss is watching... J.T.


Drive-in - Sydney - picture - 1974
Luna Park - Sydney in 1974

On one of our long walking adventures:

Luna Park - Sydney in 1974

Luna Park

Sydney with Harbour Bridge

Sydney View


Bondi Beach - Boys skating picture
Boni Beach Scene
Boni Lifeguards Picture

Sydney - Bondi Beach - Boys Skating

Bondi - Skating


Bondi Bath Cleaner
Bondi Beach View
Ford Panelvan

Sydney - Bondi Beach Public Bath

Home of the Bondi Icebrakers

Tidal Swimming Pool - Notts Avenue

Ford Falcon Panelvan

at Sandridge Street Unit


Giselle - Bondi Sketches


Walking to my favourite sketching spot

Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach walk

Bondi 1974









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