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Our aim is to give
Joy, Love
and Laughter


In Loving Memory
of our past doggie companions

The gift of life however dear must sometimes pass away.

Yet love and memories remain eternal gifts that stay.


Founder of "Pets For Therapy"
18.09.1989 - 25.10.2005





" I don't know his first 3.5 years. I don't know how and how long he had
been abused. But I know Bobby is a fighter and he had fought so much until
his last breath. He came to my life very timid, but gradually he opened up
his heart and began to trust me. Then he started to lose his sight and
became completely blind 8 years ago. We joined PFT in late 2007, he was
already blind, so he couldn't do much trick but it was his good therapy. I
have learned so much from him and PFT about becoming a caring and loving
person. Now I need to move forward with my life and I know Bobby will be
always in my heart and continue to guide me through how to be a better
person. "

Beautiful Boy, My Bobby,
Thank you.

22/10/1998 - 14/08/2014







How does one write an Epitaph about the pawfect child?
You were born a princess and liked to be treated as such.
You only liked to mingle with the serfs on occasions, but you loved the ‘aged’, the ‘sick’, and the ‘different’.
I know now that a lot of perceived stubbornness was simply your stoic attempt of surviving a life-endangering condition.
Your heart, baby-girl, was just too big for this World and we are thankful you gave it to us for 17 years, 4 month and 4 days. Nothing could stop you from being our beautiful companion, Ambra, only death itself.
It hurts, badly...
RIP, Mause-schwanz, and we see you at the Rainbow Bridge...
Princess and keeper of our hearts
13.12.97 – 17.04.14







Chermuk 13 year old Malamute passed away 10/11/11

Grace and Chermuk were one of our first volunteers of " Pets For Therapy "

I hold Grace in much esteem and have many happy memories of her dear Chermuk, she had a wonderful temperament and was great therapy for all she visited ,

especially children with special needs .

PS In heaven with Jo Jo friends forever !!





My loyal little girl, you will be sadly missed


Susie Denning born 08/06/2000 Died 24/10/2011

Susie came to me at 6 weeks old.

Joined "Pets for Therapy" at 12 weeks old.
Had a wonderful 11 years with "Pets For Therapy' Yvonne and the volunteer dogs.
I had a small carry bag I would carry her in.
We all miss our little girl, she was so loyal and I loved her so much,

more than words can say, I thank God for Susie.


thank you Yvonne and "Pets For Therapy".

Betty Denning



IN LOVING MEMORY OF "Gypsy" (September 2011)

Dear Gypsy,
We love you and miss you and won’t forget you.
We had some great years and good times together
and you brought us all so much happiness.
You were a strong, spirited, loyal dog who loved and lived for your family.
We know it was time for you to leave us and although we were sad to let you go,
it is good to know that you have now crossed Rainbow Bridge and
joined your dear friend Kimba.

Love from Paula, Zak, Baron and all Gypsy’s friends – 2 and 4 legged.

Gypsy joined Pets for Therapy at the age of 10 and enjoyed her visits to the
homes we visited as much as they enjoyed having her there.
Thank you Yvonne for getting Gypsy along to celebrate her 15th birthday
and her last Pets for Therapy visit.




IN LOVING MEMORY OF "Moet " ( March 2010 )

It is with much sorrow and tears that I have to tell you that my little trickster dog,

Moet has passed.

Whilst she had the normal ailments of an older dog, she became suddenly ill last week.  She was my first dog – one of my very own and I know you will all know how important that is.  She was my joy, my comfort and my hope.  She was my ‘little girl”.  She was sometimes the “cranky white bitch”.  I have often said to other people that whilst the pain of losing your dog is more than compensated by all the many years that they have given you happiness and unconditional love, it’s very hard to bear when you go through it yourself. 

What I have to remember is that now she is at peace, out of pain and “upstairs” with my Nan (her Nannynan).  She taught me so much about training dogs and about loving dogs...perhaps about loving full stop.  That’s worth remembering



IN LOVING MEMORY OF "Taffi" ( 9.09.2009 )


Taffi my sweet soft little ridgeback gave up her fight for life late last
night but she will always be in my heart.


Her joy in the simple things in life, like gazelling along the beach
with her best mate Phoenix and bringing smiles to all
she met will be sorely missed.




IN LOVING MEMORY OF "Zumba" ( 13.06.2008 )


Today my brave girl Zumba lost her fight with cancer.
I will never forget all the joy that she has bought to my life.
She is now running pain free with her best mate Khan.
 She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.







Khan my beautiful old man is now running free, no more pain in his old joints and lots of energy to chase those buxom females around .


Love you always Ricki and Zumba XxXx







June 1992 -  August 2006

Finding you at the Animal Welfare League all those years ago bestowed a blessing on our family that will be treasured and lovingly remembered for all time.

Your pure and healing heart brought us the magical gift of healing, the security of unrequited and unconditional love and the loyalty only endured of a true friend.  In addition to this you enriched our lives with valuable lessons in the art of tolerance, bravery, patience and affection.  You shared all of these wonderful qualities with three generations of our family.

Though your last days saw you lame and grow weary we pray that your heart was brimming with our adoring love and that you remain forever aware of our sincerest gratitude for the greatest gift of all, you.

Darling Benji you are sadly missed, especially by Grandma.  Though we can't help but wish we could see you again and get lost in one of your cuddles, we remind ourselves that we will always find you in our hearts where you will live forever.

Benji, our loyal, loving and gentle companion and best friend to Mary-Anne, Paula, Bernadette, Mandy , Georgia & Ashley.



In Loving Memory of - "My Bobbie" ..
Bobbie, a Christmas gift from my son, was born on the 5th Oct. 1987, and stayed a faithful, loving companion throughout his life.
He past away on the 30th Oct. 2001




Dorothy has become a Friend of Pets for Therapy



In Loving Memory of- Shaka & Tawney


In Loving Memory of - Eskie and Toohey


Border Collies Eskie (Hajediva Eskimo Pie CDX, TD, AD, JD)
and Toohey (Pantam Too Right CDX)
participated in Pets for Therapy visits for more than five years. 

Toohey's signature trick was rounding up the stuffed sheep and dropping them in the corral,

Eskie's speciality, among many other tricks, was bringing me a soda from the cooler. 

Both dogs died of cancer in 2004.


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