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The Volunteers of Pets for Therapy


Due to declining health Yvonne will be retiring, and the Pets For Therapy will cease after 26 years at the end of 2015


You are probably a volunteer by heart already, and if you like to support our

"Pets for Therapy" program, please read the following guide lines and contact us.


Do you have an obedience trained dog of good temperament?

Do you have a few hours free?


Would you like to join our happy, friendly group of volunteers, visiting Nursing Homes, Respite Centers, Special Schools, etc.?

If you don't have a dog,
you still can support us, we always are in need of people who help with setups, building props, wrapping gifts, helping with transport, with organisation, fundraising and many more - please contact us.



Requirements for Volunteers and to be a member of the team

  1. The volunteer (handler) and dog must have reached at least the standard of training required for the Council Certificate of a trained dog ( i.e. passed post grad ).
    They should have preferably trained in a class situation so that both handler and dog are experienced in working at close quarters with other dogs and handlers.
    (The exception to this rule would be baby puppies ( under 5 months of age ) with experienced handlers.'
    Even then, the puppy must pass the team leaders assessment for temperament
    (excitability, fear etc.), bad habits ( e.g.. mouthing,) length of claws, vocalisation etc.

  2. All dogs (members) must pass the team leaders assessment for temperament, cleanliness, claw length, bad habits etc.

  3. Handlers should understand the risks and the hazards of dogs in Nursing Homes

  4. Handlers should be conversant with the benefits of dogs to Nursing Homes.

  5. Handlers should be able to control their dog by voice alone, and in a quiet voice at that, without causing alarm to residents.

  6. Handlers should be capable of being team players and respect the team leaders authority, directives and discretion in public.

  7. THERE should always be the opportunity after every home visit for debriefing, consensus or disagreement, discussion and planning for future visits.
    This should only take place out of earshot of residents, their families, carers and staff.

  8. THERE are standards of dress, grooming and personal presentation of handlers outlined.

  9. BEFORE commencing work as a " Pet For Therapy" dog, every dog should have met and become familiar with all the other members of the team ( dogs and handlers ) and be stable amongst them.

  10. All volunteers (handlers) and their dogs must attend Monday afternoon classes as often as is possible.


Our past and present Volunteers


Yvonne Cody Founder of   "Pets for Therapy"


Yvonne Cody
Founder of

"Pets for Therapy"

JoJo - Co founder - Pets for Therapy


Jo Jo

"Pets for Therapy"

Misty - The wonder dog

and Misty

  1. Cyn D with pets: BeeCee (F)- Border Collie and Dizzy (M) Retriever C.C.
  2. Ricki with pets: Pheonix (M) and Asha (F) - Rhodesian Ridgebacks
  3. Karen with pet: Moet - (M) Miniature Poodle  Darcy
  4. Betty with pet: Susie - Toy Maltese
  5. Sonja with pet: Ambra - Bichon Frise
  6. Robyn with pets: Mia(F) and Twiggy (F) - Border Collies
  7. Leoni with pet: Max A Million (M) - Bichon Frise
  8. Julianne with pets: Charlie (M) Miniature Poodle and Fergie (F) Toy Poodle and Minx(M) Min.Foxy
  9. Jeanette & Pappy  Pappilon
  10. Paula, Zak with pets: Gypsy (F) Belgian Shepherd and Baron (M) Swiss Shepherd
  11. Sue with pet: Lucy (F) – Silver Toy Poodle
  12. Cavell & Frank with pet: Sunny Boy (M) - Red Toy Poodle
  13. Peter with pet: Kobi (M) White Toy Poodle
  14. Yuki with pet: Bobby (M) – chocolate Toy Poodle
  15. Carolyne with pet: Lady (F) - black Toy Poodle and Porcha (F) black toy Poodle.
  16. Dorothy with pet: Fluffy ( F) - Apricot Toy Poodle
  17. Delphine with pet: Cassidy (F) –Black Greyhound
  18. Grace with pets: Chumuk (M) and Morgan (M) - Malamutes
  19. Nicole with pet: Rocket (M) - Basenji
  20. Brennice, Emma & Tiger ( Cairn Terrier X)
  21. Lisa Maree and her two dogs ( black labrador's ) Kit and Buddy
  22. Sabina with Amy ( 6 year old female Saluki )
  23. Cyn-D with Molly (4 year old female Golden Retriever)
  24. Sabine with Amy ( female Saluki )
  25. Carolyne with Beau 6 month ( teacup toy poodle ) black
  26. Steven with Tara 12 year old ( English Staffordshire Terrier )
  27. Tony with Bruce 6 year old ( Shih Tzu )
  28. Celeste with Bandit 2 year old ( Border Collie )
  29. Leni & Boss ( male one year old Old English Sheepdog )
  30. Terry & Bazil & Bonnie ( male & female Bichon Freze )
  31. Karen & Nikita ( Russian Shepherd )
  32. Celeste & Bandit & Koda ( shorhaired border collie & springer spaniel )
  33. Lilla and Tony & Bruce ( male Shih Tzu )
  34. Elizabeth and Derek & Tigger ( male Poddle - Bichon X )
  35. David and Bear, Bobby Jo, Boston, Diesel ( Saint Bernards )
  36. Chrissi and Turbo and Oscar ( male dachshunds )
  37. Ruth and Caesar ( male standard Poddle )
  38. Annette and Cooper ( Silky Terrier X )
  39. Jenni and Scooby Do ( miniature Collie, Shelty )
  40. Claire and Zepher ( Poodle Labrador X )
  41. Jan and Fu-chi ( Chow Chow )
  42. Louise and Santo ( Golden Retriever Poodle X )
  43. Mandi and Pluto ( male Toy Poodle )
  44. Marilyn and Ozzie (male Yorkshire Terrie )


Volunteers without dogs:

  1. Lilla and Frank
  2. Justin
  3. Marguerite
  4. Delphine
  5. Susan
  6. Joanne
  7. Laural ( Instructor )




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Volunteers in action

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