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Lesson > Mountain Sunset

Copyright © Giselle Luske - 2001

Medium > watercolour

Watercolour - 1


Step 1:

Draw / sketch a mountain range with a 2 B Pencil

Lay down a wash - wet on dry - of New Gamboge or Light Yellow.

While the paper is still damp, use Bright Yellow for different cloud formations, plus some light orange for the clouds just over the mountain peaks.

Use tissue paper for taking out some cloud shapes, revealing the Light Yellow again....

..... let it dry




Watercolour - 2

Step 2:

Wet your paper again and mix some Opaque Yellow and Mauve (purple) on the paper.

Use a painterly approach.

For the upper level of the clouds, use more Ultramarine Blue together with Purple and Payne's Gray.

Now, just on top of the mountains dip in some more Orange.

Always watch your yellow sky, it needs to be bright in different shades of yellow.

... let it dry again




Watercolour - 3

Step 3:

Wet the whole mountain range, and start on top for your background mountains. They should be a touch lighter than your foreground.

Again mix some Purple - Payne's Gray and Sepia or van Dyke Brown on your palette. It has to look like a wash, therefore it needs to run down to the lower edge of the paper without leaving an edge,slowly fading out. .

... dry again






Watercolour - final

Step 4:
Wet foreground mountain and lay down the same mixture,
but stronger.
























Finished Painting





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