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Portrait of Emily Kngwarreye - Aboriginal Artist 1910 - 1996

by Marie Donnelly






Emily Kngwarreye

1910 - 1996

Emily Kngwarreye (pronounced Ung-warh-ay) was born at Alhalkere in 1910. She was raised in traditional ways and spoke Anmatyerre. Her first contact with Europeans was in 1919.

She took up painting in her seventies whilst working with the Utopia Women's Batik Group.

Her first solo exhibition of paintings on canvas was in 1990 at Coventry Gallery, Sydney.


In 1992 she was awarded the Australian Artists Creative Fellowship by the Australian Federal Government. By the mid 1990's large collections of paintings by Emily Kngwarreye were acquired for

permanent display in public galleries.

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Emily Kngwarreye



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