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Drawing Made Easy Workshops

Drawing Made Easy Workshops – Gold Coast

All workshops are now incorporated into 3 1/2 hour long art classes only $30

Art workshops are targeted to art interested individuals who want to learn, or simply find out more about a specific drawing technique in a intensive and reasonable short fun time.

Many Artists, even so they may have painted for many years, know there is always something new to learn or to add or strengthen a specific skill or technique.

Perspective drawing is one of the subjects many artists shy away from, and understandable so. Perspective is highly technical and seems not to go along with intuitive creativity. On the other hand it is just like any other drawing or painting related technique, before one can use a technique creatively, it has to be understood and mastered to be used naturally and without switching your mind back to the analytical left side brain function.

Interestingly enough, perspective is not as complicated as many artists or design related people may think. Learning perspective from a textbook indeed seems hopeless, there are just to many lines :-).

However learning perspective from an artist,  and concentrate learning on what actually works, will make all the difference. Learning about it is entertaining and rewarding. It is a most valuable skill for every artist to have, and in fact it is hard to be without that knowledge.

The principles of perspective are neither boring nor complicated, but refreshingly fun once the basic concept has become second nature.

Giselle’s unique ability to render complicated matter simple, coupled with a down to earth, individual and practical teaching style, and drawing on her lifetime of experience qualifies her as a professional artist who loves sharing her knowledge.

Portrait drawing, is another drawing made easy workshop, where You will learn how to draw a portrait, including pencil, stub and eraser techniques to achieve a realistic outcome.

More specific drawing workshops and techniques will be considered, feel free to suggest some topics.

Art workshops are always held once a month only, and on a Saturday.
For more info see > Art Workshops

For Giselle’s unique and popular Art Classes see details here > Art Classes

Why unique? Giselle’s Art Classes are creative individualised styled Art Classes.

You actually can join at anytime, you will be taught individually within a creative inspiring art studio atmosphere, surrounded by like minded beautiful people.

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Open Art Studio Day

Welcome to Giselle’s Artist Open Studio

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Studio Location:
3155 Beechmont Road – Canungra  – Witheren – Qld

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Artist Studio Open Sign

s Open Art Studio - Road Sign

Open Art Studio

What is an Open Art Studio?

Artists who work in their own Art Studio often give the public the opportunity to visit their studio, with other words, they Open their Studios to the public.

An Artist Open Studio is not a Gallery, and usually is not open every day. Most Artists need their own space and time to work their creative magic. A constant flood of visitors would mean they never would finish anything.

On the other hand, at certain times Artists may appreciate some extra exposure of their work, or even test their work by evaluating feedback from the public.

The public usually appreciates Open Art Studios, as there is no pressure to buy, and it gives visitors the opportunity to look deeper into works of art and how those works are created. Some artists even give short demonstrations to explain their way of working.

Generally speaking it is a worthwhile interaction for both parties.

In my own case, I love showing and demonstrating how my paintings and motives come together and take on a life of their own.

Artist Studio Open SignMy  Open Art Studio, in addition to above reasons, is also a good opportunity for the public to inquire about my regularly weekly art classes. Over the years I have met many people who loved the idea of  learning to draw or paint, but they had an underlying feeling or sometimes even certainty that they wouldn’t be able to learn to draw or paint.

Anyone who feels like this, should talk to an art teacher, and they would find out quickly that anyone who has a liking or even love of art is capable of leaning to paint.

I alwasy say, if you can write your name, you can learn to draw, writing is much more complicated.
Actually, I had someone in the past who couldn’t write, but he still learned how to draw 🙂

If you never have been to an Open Art Studio,  feel free to come around on one of my Open Art Studio days.
Make sure you check for the NEXT Open Day on my web-site – click Open Art Studio