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Port Arthur Historic Complex - Lufra Hotel - Pirates Bay


Day 5: Tuesday 20. February 2007

We leave Hobart and travel down the Tasman Peninsular where we find Port Arthur Historic Complex.

We enjoy a walking tour and harbour cruise around the Isle of the Dead and

then have time to explore and find subject matter.

We find our accommodation tonight at Lufra Hotel with panoramic views of Pirates Bay.


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Dunallay - on the way to Port Arthur - try to draw that ..




- - -


Port Arthur - Guided TourGuided TourGuided Tour


Port Arthur - Guided Tour


Port Arthur Guided TourChurch





brickwallPainting GroupChurch


We are leaving Port Arthur ...
... and driving towards Pirate Bay with some a little teabreak on the way


Tea timeBoats




drawing boats and looking for reflections



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