Four Legged Friends Connect a Community

Four Legged Friends Connect a Community

Kind support on the Gold Coast has kept some very special four legged friends on the road to provide an invaluable therapeutic program to people who are frail with age, have a disability or impairment, or who may be disconnected from services within the community.

 Pets for Therapy visits provide people the opportunity to connect with dogs on different levels. Studies have shown that animals can help lower blood pressure, encourage social engagement and increase confidence and esteem in the people they visit, as well as provide them with much love, laughter and joy.

For the past 26 years, Yvonne Cody has conducted her very own Pets For Therapy program on the Gold Coast. The vehicle that she uses to transport these inspirational four legged friends however even after all the efforts of her strong supporters One Stop Auto Care, it has become more and more inefficient to keep on the road. It is imperative that Yvonne has a safe and reliable car to assist her in maintaining her commitment to the people she visits.

So when FSG Australia (FSGA) found out that this service could be at risk of stopping they decided to take action and assist. FSGA believe in a community that connects with all people and is free of social injustice so it seemed clear that this vital volunteer service needed to be kept on the road.

FSGA took on the challenge and is proud to have been able to find another vehicle for Yvonne to utilize, ensuring that her volunteering days weren’t over, and that she could continue her promised visits to the people she walks alongside.

Thanks to FSGA’s partnership, Yvonne was handed the keys to her new Pets for Therapy car at an annual lunch where she provides special thanks and gives back to her very loyal and dedicated volunteers.

Vicki Batten, CEO of FSG Australia said; “As an organization that believes in connecting the community, it was important for us to support Yvonne in finding alternative transport so she can keep Pets for Therapy running. Yvonne does great work with people she walks alongside and often provides vital engagement for people that might have very little social engagement otherwise. We know from experience that social engagement is vital for people’s health and wellbeing and contributes to them feeling valued within their community.”

The team at FSG Australia hopes that Yvonne and her pawed companions enjoy their new mode of transport and look forward to working with Yvonne in the future.

If you would like to find out more information on Pets for Therapy or to make a donation you can visit: or contact Yvonne Cody on 07 578 2607

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