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Easter Buddha

Easter Buddha




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Einstein drawing by giselle

View > Corporate or Private Group

Art Event - Workshop

Suitable for beginners and anyone who can

hold a pencil.

Art Material supplied :

pencils - graphite - erasers - paper - stubs.

A relaxing fun art experience in a serene

and creative environment.

Working with Graphite - the Glove

Art Project - House Sculpturing

close to compleation - click > House Sculpturing


next project >> the Art Garden

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Giselle Portrait Exhibition

Paintings available to buy as Cards - Prints - Canvas Prints - Posters - Framed Prints

to view - click - Gallery Giselle


Giselle's exhibition at the "Tidy" Gallery


Picture - 1 -

- solved -

it's a glass of champaign
with a floating Cherry

What the heck is this - picture puzzle - 1 -

... and the winner is ,

Rose from Cedar Creek,

QLD. 4207

Picture - 2 -

- it's a staircase -

and the winner is:

Karen Dalla Riva


What the heck is this - picture puzzle 2

We do have a winner - no more entries please.

Competition - Project:

What the heck is this ???

<<< Competition Object - The picture to the left.

If you know contact us - click here

The Prize

1 Alpha Romance CD - for the first entry

Alpha Music


stimulate your creativity

access your right side

of the brain.
listen here - free
no artist should be without it

... we had over 70 entries so far... no one got it right ... most people recognised it as a view looking down from above .. which is right .. but what the heck is it :-)


looks like no-one is up for the challenge :-)


how about the next one ?


What the heck is this - picture 2
.. anyone one game to guess ..
same prize ...

<<< Competition Object - picture number 2
to your left.

WE DO HAVE A WINNER - I knew it was to easy :-) - we had only about 30 answers - and no, it wasn't a guitar.

The winner is:

Karen Dalla Riva

c/-Reho Travel -
209 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141

Karen has won - 1 Alpha Romance CD - frozen time



Brisbane Magazine

Article about Giselle's Art

bmagazine : brisbane's largest lifestyle magazine


Sofie Formica discovers her creative side, and you can too,

with a little help from the experts ...

Reveal the artist in you

Giselle introducing and using
Alpha Music for her Art classes



Studio Gallery Giselle and Sofie - click picture to see more ... Gallery Giselle - Exclusive Boutique Gallery

Open by Invitation or R.S.V.P only

Artist Open Studio/Gallery Day

please e-mail for the next date


As seen on Channel 7 - The Great South East

Giselle introducing and using
Alpha Music for her Art classes


view the Gallery & Open Studio Giselle Exhibition page here




Sofie from Channel 7 has been visiting
Gallery Studio & Gallery

"Giselle has been an artist all her life and now inspires creativity in others. She uses intuitive teaching techniques, including ' alpha brain wave music',
to coax out the creative side of her students."

read more here



Artist's PaletteArtist's Palette No. 38

you will find an Article about Gallery Giselle
and a demonstration of one of Giselle's paintings...

reflecting on a previous exhibition, called

Close and Personal

.... read both of Giselle's Artist's Palette Articles

1. Article :: Close and Personal | 2. Article :: The Necklace



UnmaskedPainting selected for USA published Book cover

Having had CD covers done from some of my works of art, I was delighted that one of my painting was chosen for a book cover.


The Book Title is:

Unmasking Identities:
An Exploration of the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Teachers
and it is available form Amazon - see here

by Janna Marie Jackson (Author)


View the original painting, the original title is >>

The Mask,

Painting and Poem


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